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On Saturday, 3rd October, the main project server was hit by an attack which took the server down for several hours. This did not affect the servers which host the Mambo Code forge or the Mambo Manual wiki.

Earlier today the main server once again came under attack, this time resulting in a rogue JavaScript being added to the index page of This is a static HTML page which acts as the splashpage/gateway into the Mambo project sites.

The script has been removed and Google has been asked to remove their site blocker, which is currently reporting the domain as an "Attack Site". The index page was the only page affected - subdomains, such as the forum and the Foundation site were unaffected. For safety, Google blocked the entire domain.

While we still have technicians working on this, we are confident that the exploit was not made through any of the web applications we run on the server. We will report more details later.

We apologise for any inconvenience this caused. We are also looking into methods for keeping everyone updated in the event that the main server ever goes down again. For now, any notices about outages are being posted to the official Mambo Twitter account so if you are unsure whether there's a problem, just check (or better yet, follow us on Twitter).

Nominate Mambo in 2009 SourceForge Community Choice Awards

Mambo has been nominated in the the 2009 Community Choice Awards, in the following categories:

  • Mambo CMS for Best Project
  • Mambo CMS for Best Project for the Enterprise
  • Mambo CMS for Best Project for Government
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